Delving into the Bandit Barrow

Liam Rock-Thorn, Strayer, Fern, and Tholokk, departed from Keep Bleaksheard on Queen’s Day, the 23rd of the Empress, 694 ATF.

Along the route, they became stalked by a tiger in a patch of tall grass but decided to press onward and remain on Keepsway North. They eventually stumbled upon the Thorny Vine Inn, its once welcoming facade now ominously shuttered, a testament to recent bandit activity, and the treasure housed within: the loot of a raided caravan.

Marji, a former barmaid turned leader of the Thorny Vine mercenaries, recognized the need for allies. She lent the aid of three men to the party to track down the barrow and assist the adventurers.

Driven by rumors of bandits cloaked in ‘pale white masks,’ the group ventured northwest towards a barrow-mound, the last known haunt of these mysterious marauders. Within its depths, they uncovered not only the restless dead but also a Pixie named Alfwine, whose powers, some skeletons believed, was the the key to restoring their flesh.

Their journey took a perilous turn when they faced off against a monstrous slug-like? creature, which devoured Liam whole. The remaining trio triumphed, reclaiming not only their comrade but also a cache of valuable treasures hidden within the creature’s belly: an amulet of unknown purpose and a set of silver gauntlets.

Before departing, the party made discovered another chamber housing more skeletal remains and two eerily lifelike glass eyes.

  • The Clock advanced by 28 days.
  • Downtime Activities: 2 (week-long) Downturn turns.
    • Strayer sought a Sage to identify the gauntlets and became a cook in the employ of Orban of the Griffon Inn.
    • Further relationships were built between Fern and a stray dog.
    • Thorlokk sought favor with The Skillful Hands.

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