Delve 0: A Delayed Beginning

The Deadfens

GWOT Game Club is back on the firing line! We hosted the first session of the open-table 5th edition sandbox campaign, The Immeasurable Lands, on 27 April 2024 at RED DRAGON BREWERY! Interested in joining the motley crew of adventurers? Join the Discord.

Leaving the bustling vykyng town of Rumriggard behind, a wealthy aristocrat had engaged a motley crew of adventurers at a bargain to seek riches in the uncharted Immeasurable Lands. Endowed with Delving Licenses courtesy of the Adventuring Guild, their mission was to safeguard a caravan journeying from the eastern lands to the sturdy bastion of Keep Bleakheard, nestled amidst the untamed wilderness.

Their passage was marred by three weeks of relentless trials: a brutal blizzard, relentless packs of wolves, and the scourge of dysentery. Despite these tribulations, the caravan limped into Keep Bleakheard, its coffers lighter than expected – a common toll exacted by the harsh realities of this adventuring realm. With a modest sum of 310 gold pieces, the party divided their spoils evenly.

Wasting no time, they secured entry within the keep walls after scrutiny by the vigilant guards. Swiftly perusing the adventuring board, they deliberated, making inquiries about a mysterious mythical creature that prowled the land. Described as a creature of considerable size, with a pointed snout and a penchant for stealth and silence, and an ability to move adeptly through water, possessing a hunger for human flesh. As they gathered information, one of the party sought intel at the Griffon Inn, stumbling upon two weary adventurers mourning their fallen comrade, Gregory, lost to a fatal misstep in Khot Ustgasan. Lieutenant Thaddeus, sympathetic yet pragmatic, offered to dispatch a retinue for their expedition into the Bleakmarshes for any foolhardy enough to pursue the elusive beast, with the caveat that they must return promptly if unsuccessful in seven days.

Meanwhile, another member of the party extended compassion, forming bonds with the children of Keep Bleakheard. In a separate query of townsfolk, they uncovered the grim fate of Sir Menden, a valiant knight slain in a futile attempt to vanquish the mythical beast. Gathering behind the inn’s smokehouse, they pondered their next move. A tabaxi cook proposed a daring plan: to procure the coveted meat of the mythical beast, a delicacy sold at the Griffon Inn, and use it as bait. They devised a plan to sneak into the smokehouse and, with the aid of a dog, secure fresh meat, to track the scent. A wise tracker among them, however, warned the scent would be belayed due to the overwhelming smell of smoke.

Further investigation revealed that the creature frequented the Bleakmarshes, its sightings dwindling in recent times. Few dared to venture into the treacherous marshlands, save for hurried travelers or those bound for the defiled Eye of Raaxus, once a sacred temple now tainted by an enigmatic cult.

After much deliberation, the party found themselves torn. Unable to decide whether to pursue the elusive creature, they opted instead to tackle a band of troublesome bandits plaguing the Deadfens to the northeast of Keep Bleakheard.

End: 19th Candle, 27th of The Empress (3rd Month)

Conditions: Early Spring

Faction Sentiment: Neutral (Keep’s Guard)

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