The Immeasurable Lands

A new non-episodic, open-table game starting on Saturdays at 12pm, at RED DRAGON BREWING.

Stepping into the vast expanse of the Immeasurable Lands, you leave behind distant realms and enter a frontier that extends far beyond the grasp of a decaying empire’s shadow. Here, adventurers like yourself are drawn by promises of untold riches, enduring fame, and the elusive allure of power amidst the remnants of ancient civilizations and untamed wilderness. It’s a realm steeped in treasures, secrets, and dangers beyond imagination.

From the haunting whispers of forgotten spirits in ancient forests to the majestic guardianship of towering mountain peaks, and the murky depths of treacherous swamps concealing their mysteries, this land is a tapestry woven with both wonder and peril. Among its varied landscapes lie the shattered remains of once-grand cities built by giants, forgotten temples dedicated to enigmatic beings, and echoes of lost serpent civilizations, all awaiting discovery.

Your journey leads you to Keep Bleakheard, nestled in the scrublands of Khot Ustgasan, the last bastion of humanity and a hollow testament of the empire that claims its lands. Here, adventurers like yourself are not just welcomed but eagerly awaited, for the Keep thrives on the daring exploits of those who delve into dungeons and face the unknown. However, survival in this land is a precarious balance with wealth; as you amass power, others are certain to take notice.

As you embark on this adventure, the promise of glory beckons, urging you to navigate its perils and forge your legend amidst the ever-shifting landscape.

How will you answer the call and leave your mark upon the Immeasurable Lands?

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The Immeasurable Lands “Appendix N

What’s a West Marches game?

Principia Apocrypha: Principles of Old School RPGs, or, A New OSR Primer

A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming

Various Games that have inspired the Immeasurable Lands:

  • Into the Odd
  • Dungeons & Dragons, Basic/Expert
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  • Black Hack

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