Ends Worse Than Death

In the blood lands of Drash, the darkened skies herald the end of an era: Malmamon the Skull King has perished at the hands of his own magick court, the Wizards of Brim. His death has opened a power vacuum and allowed for his feuding sons to tear apart his kingdom.

From beneath the land, an unsung tale of unlikely adventurers is about to take shape.

  • The world is decaying. The titan, Korath, has been slain by man, severing the ties between the gods and mortals. Souls are trapped and priests’ calls to their patrons remain silent.
  • Magic is treacherous. The very fabric of the world has been ripped. There are severe consequences for arcane failure.
  • Death is impermanent. Vengeful souls possess bodies, and the fallen don’t remain still for long…

A “hardcore” and grimdark 5e dungeon-delving, hex-crawling, campaign hosted by GWOT Game Club. Sessions once every two weeks over Roll20. Prepare to perish February 18th.

More details to follow.

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