Delving into the Bandit Barrow, cont. 2

Liam led the adventurers to the barrow mound on the edge of the Deadfens. After three weeks, they found the crypt mostly untouched. However, along the way, they encountered a lone skeleton in dark robes wielding a short sword, which they quickly dispatched.

After crawling through the inner stone slab entrance, they turned right (again, as in the first delve) and moved through its quiet, cobwebbed corridors. They revisited two rooms: one housing a stone sarcophagus and a storeroom. The Father realized the relief on the stone sarcophagus slab depicted a soldier with hands clasped as if holding something, possibly a spear or sword. John E. Diamond licked glowing powder (pixie dust) in this room and briefly levitated. In the nearby storeroom, they discovered the bones of four skeletons and rotten foodstuffs.

Next, they approached a swollen shut door leading to a third unexplored room. Shayna, a pallid elf, rammed into it, causing a ruckus but opening it. Inside, they found a moldy room with three tapestries: one gold, one depicting a warrior (the Father recognized it as the same warrior on the stone sarcophagus), and one of a monk praying. Behind the monk tapestry, they found a pull chain that collapsed the wall behind the warrior tapestry.

Shayna attempted to retrieve the gold tapestry but discovered it was covered in yellow mold, which released spores. Fortunately, no one was affected. The Father burned away the mold, revealing a cup with 50 gold coins and a golden serpent buckle.

Elrick, the wizard, detected magical energies from behind the warrior tapestry. They then discovered a hidden room with a life-sized stone statue holding a brazier with a blue flame and three large gems. The statue’s eye sockets were empty.

Moving further north, Shayna opened a door to a fourth room with at least ten skeletons. One stabbed her with a rusty dagger just before she slammed the door shut. The skeletons continued to bang on the door, attracting a carcass crawler. John E. Diamond cast a thunderous spell, disorienting the creature and causing it to flee momentarily.

After careful consideration, the party made the strategic decision to depart.

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