FRAGO 01: Strahd in Space

Important update: We are no longer meeting in-person due to the host (me, GM Rob) coming down with the nasty flu. We will be now be virtual via Roll20.

The plan is to open the lobby at 5 pm for “happy hour” (ice-breakers, casual conversation, ‘shooting the shit,’ drinks-over-camera) with accelerated character creation (for those that need it) from 6 pm to 7 pm. I apologize, as I understand that this last-minute change may not be conducive to your schedules, especially if you have already rearranged your day. The good news is that you get most of your day back on the 29th.

Roll20 is a website that offers a “virtual tabletop” experience. Also, due to the fickle nature of Roll20, GGC uses Discord as the primary means of voice communication rather than the built-in voice service.


  • 5pm, Happy Hour
  • 6-7pm, Character Creation, if needed
  • 7-midnight, Strahd in Space!

QUORUM TO PLAY: At least three players must attend for the virtual event to take place. Advanced notice of unavailable players may prompt rescheduling this event at a later date.

CHARACTER CREATION. You may create any combination of player-character using the Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Spelljammer Astral Adventurer’s Guide, and races found in Monsters of the Multiverse. Please come prepared with a rough concept in mind. All characters will begin at 7th level. You can use DnD Beyond to help create your character. Don’t worry about hammering together a character; there will be pre-generated characters for you to select from if you find yourself overwhelmed with the creation process. If you are creating from scratch, we’ll be using standard array.

ROLLS. Rolls will be using a mix of Roll20 and physical dice. No cheating! If Roll20 gets laggy, you can roll your dice at home.

THIS IS NOT CURSE OF STRAHD. We’re not playing Curse of Strahd; we are playing a rendition of the original AD&D module that inspired CoS. You might find similarities between the two, but this is not that game. Plus, we’re in space! Please don’t ruin the mystique for new players who’ve never played Ravenloft or CoS. Please keep it in character as much as possible.

EVERYONE HAS A SAY. We’ll use a round-robin approach to ensure everyone has an equal say at the table. I call it a global initiative; others call it many other things. The point is: everyone can contribute to situations without a single player dominating the scene. In proper form for AD&D, I will ask a “Caller” to be nominated from the party to provide the final answer for the party’s decisions.

BACKSTORY. This is a one-shot, and while I appreciate your forethought and effort, the essence of this module is the tragedy of the party and the prime antagonist you face. Don’t worry about generating an elaborate reason for why you’ve come to be with all the others.

DON’T GET YOUR HEAD WRAPPED AROUND WINNING. There’s a good possibility the whole party might wipe. And that’s part of the fun. Make smart decisions and be careful! A vampire has your scent.


Able Chapter

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