The Immeasurable Lands – Initial Prospectus

Location and Schedule:

  • Venue: RED DRAGON BREWING in Fredericksburg, VA or ADVENTURE BREWING in Stafford, VA.
  • Sessions: Held biweekly on Saturdays (Main) at 12pm and Thursdays (Alternate) at 5pm. Participants must be 18+; alcohol consumption optional.


  • Open Calls/Sessions: Dates are publicly posted, and players RSVP via Discord. Additional seats may become available during play or through player invitations, subject to player vote.
  • Sponsored Sessions: Players may pursue specific objectives outside the main delve (Saturdays). Alternate sessions may be arranged, including virtual options.
  • Membership Rights: GWOT Game Club reserves the right to close membership or remove problematic players based on player input.
  • Communication: Discord serves as the primary out-of-game communication platform. Player-character aspirations can be shared with the DM through Discord.


  • Player Quorum and Limits: Minimum 2 players required; maximum 12 players per session. Excess players placed on waiting lists.
  • Goals/Objectives: Players establish individual and collective goals, with opportunities for quests and rumors available through Discord and in-game interactions.
  • End of Session Status: Parties typically return to a safe location; characters not returning may require replacement. Departing players accommodated in-game; absent players’ characters remain in a safe location if they returned.
  • Etiquette: Cellphone usage discouraged during play, except for digital character sheets. Participants expected to treat everyone with respect and dignity, represent GWOT Game Club courteously, and honor the RSVP. No discussion of religion or politics at the table.

About GWOT Game Club:

  • Founded by veterans of the various conflicts involving the Global War on Terror. Formed to rekindle comradery over the game table instead of the sand table.
  • Recruitment and Growth: Open table format facilitates player recruitment and community growth.
  • Early (Old School Revival (OSR) Ethos: Emphasizes player skill over character ability, with a focus on deadly/high lethality scenarios, multi-session play, and an epic yet low-magic setting.
  • Adaptability: Welcomes various gaming experiences. The GM, a veteran since 1995, is experienced in various RPG systems; favs are B/X, AD&D (2E), and PbtA-like systems.
  • Campaign Setting: The Immeasurable Lands. More details to follow on the website.
  • Content Warning: Sessions may contain mature themes; players free to flag controversial or sensitive subjects. No in-game content intended as an allusion to reality; any likeness is coincidental.